March 26, 2023

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Portable Solar Energy for Filming the Snow Leopard

The snow leopard’s fur is thick, whitish to grey with black spots.  Its height could be 22 inches, also it can weigh 49-121 pounds or even more.  Its large, broad paws distribute its bodyweight like snowshoes for walking snow, and also have fur on their own undersides to improve their grip on steep and unstable surfaces. Its lengthy and furry tail helps it to keep balance within the rocky terrain, and offers it a blanket for sleeping during the night.

     Snow leopards are solitary creatures. They’re active mostly at beginning until morning hours and again in afternoons and early nights. They rest near coves and ridges that offer vantage points for hunting and shade. Their preferred prey are wild mountain sheep and goats, they like to ambush their prey previously mentioned, using damaged terrain to hide their approach, and they’ll positively pursue prey lower steep mountainsides.

     For that above reasons, the snow leopard isn’t seen and it has earned the status to be a ghost.  SFR was resolute to capture the ghost leopard on film using her power hungry Red Cinema Cameras.  SFR contacted Powerenz for any portable solar energy solution that may be hauled by her and her crew with the extreme mountainous parts of southern China and northern Nepal.  Her crew includes 9 persons, all experienced physically and skilled in extreme backwoods situations, there could be pack mules to help during a lot of the trip.  I was told that 100-150 pounds of power equipment was acceptable.  Additionally to supplying power for that rechargers that might be accustomed to recharge the batteries for that Red Cameras, i was requested to supply solar USB chargers for multiple mobile phones along with other lightweight USB devices.

     After analyzing the electrical specs from the rechargers along with other smaller sized devices, it had been believed the daily use of energy could be roughly 1000 – 1250 watt-hrs, which the height AC energy usage could be 250 watts.  90% or a lot of power/energy would be employed to recharge the Red Camera batteries.  In the majority of the regions that might be traveled about this adventure, you could expect 4-5 hrs of peak sunshine each day, although the weather might be unpredictable and there might be days without any good sunshine whatsoever.  Obviously, it wasn’t expected much utilisation of the cameras could be necessary because the snow leopard am difficult to get.  Most of the time could be spent looking through field glasses and spotters, instead of Red Cameras.

     Powerenz put together three LFP40 Sling Pack portable solar energy systems, each with a set of 88-watt high-efficiency foldable solar power panels.  The entire combined storage of one’s was 1536 watt-hrs.  Each one of the three systems incorporated a 400-watt pure sine wave inverter that might be accustomed to switch on the Red Camera rechargers.  The combined solar energy was 88 watts x 6 = 528 watts which, in 4 hrs of optimal sunshine, could produce 2112 watt-hrs of one’s and the batteries fully billed.  The entire weight from the three systems was 130 pounds.  Incorporated in every system was a set of plug-in AC-USB adapters that may be utilized as solar USB chargers to recharge their iPhones.

     1 week as soon as that SFR confirmed that they wanted the systems, the 3 portable solar energy systems were put together, tested, and able to dispatch.  Fortunately for all of us, SFR arranged on her own shipping – exactly the same shipping service that handles the groups’ costly cameras.  SFR and her group happen to be traveling for nearly 2 several weeks now , and they’ve reported to all of us they have lots of sunshine and capacity to operate their gear.  We await our first video from the ghost leopard to put on the website. shopeepayslot99 online
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