March 24, 2023

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React Native Application Development: Benefits, Challenges and Mistakes to prevent!

React Native is unquestionably probably the most broadly used mix-platform frameworks for creating native-like apps. This framework can be simply employed for developing brand-newly discovered apps on your own as well as existing iOS or Android projects. So, it’s hugely popular and preferred among the beginners in addition to experienced developers. Consequently, the interest in React Native development services is rising around the world. Listed here are the very best benefits it provides to everyone.

Foremost Benefits of React Native application development

•           Use of JavaScript and simple learning curve, specifically for new developers

•           Code re-usability for any fast development process

•           Pre-built components and third-party plugins to produce feature-packed good-quality apps on your own

•           Creation of performance-based apps with greater reliability and stability

•           Technical goodies like modular architecture, declarative coding style, and ‘hot-reload’ feature to boost the productivity of React Native application developers

•           Rich and friendly UI/UX design

•           Powerful and knowledgeable community to aid

•           An simple and easy , direct installation method

•           Faster time-to-market

•           Creates solutions that permit adaptation to Android and iOS together with smart TVs, VR devices, etc., as it is a mix-platform framework

Because of so many outstanding benefits of offer, this framework includes a vibrant future. But like every other framework, there are many challenges or limitations which are inherently connected with React Native application development. Ideas have outlined a couple of of these.

Probable Challenges within the React Native Application Development Process

Among the challenges within this framework may be the reliance upon native application developers, especially while coping with complex and high computational processes. Also, rather limitation, is this fact framework doesn’t support parallel threading or multiprocessing. Therefore the performance from the apps slows lower while executing multiple processes concurrently.

Also, the abstraction layers in React Native have certain limitations. There is a reliance upon third-party services and libraries. Finding bugs in abstraction layers is very difficult hence resolving them as well ‘s time-consuming. Also while using the this framework is faced during iOS deployment since testing the iPhone apps on every other testing service except Apple’s Testflight is very annoying.

Despite these challenges, React Native is really a preferred selection of React Native application development services for writing robust natively made apps. Furthermore, these challenges can be treated well by experienced developers, whereas, a fresher or perhaps an unskilled developer can make more mistakes.

So, to add mass to a perfect finish-product, it is crucial specifically for new developers to understand these mistakes ahead of time. So let’s possess a glimpse in the probable mistakes that may be prevented during the development of React Native apps.

Common React Native Application Development Mistakes to prevent

Improper image optimization

Image optimization, despite as being a crucial part of application development, is generally overlooked through the developers. But optimizing the pictures is essential for lowering the load duration of images. It will help in resizing the pictures in your area after which enables uploading them instantly around the cloud storage like Amazon . com S3 by server. Following this, the developers obtain a CDN link that may be came back with the API. This whole process helps make the application lightweight and boosts application performance.

Existence of console log statements

Console log statements permit the React Native application developers to simply identify bugs while debugging. These result in the apps glitch-free while application execution stages. These also aid to know the reason why behind the reduced performance from the apps. But, in situation the developers neglect to take away the log statements after completing the debugging process, it may cause blunders. When the logics and also the render methods are stored within the apps, they can result in congestion within the JavaScript thread and eventually slow lower the application performance.

Inappropriate Redux store planning

Redux is very helpful in React Native for handling the apps effectively, handling and storing the collected data properly, debugging application states, etc. But Redux should be planned well for working with it towards the maximum, or it can lead to issues, particularly in small projects. This really is so because Redux demands writing lengthy codes for the tiniest of modifications. So, it’s not suited much for small-scale projects but is great for bigger apps and projects.

Inaccurate or Wrong Project Estimation

The likelihood of making mistakes while project estimation in React Native are greater for a number of reasons as given below:

•           The layouts and structures of application pages for android and ios will vary. Also, several common components could be interchangeably employed for development but the style of the application generally won’t be alike. Consequently, estimation for platforms could be different.

•           The code to become designed in React Native is generally bigger than the code needed in the introduction of a Hybrid application on Cordova. In such instances, the assessment from the validation layout also should be considered.

•           All the endpoints provided by the backend should be checked. Other vitals like comprehending the data structure, connecting the entities, handling from the logic, etc. should be considered during estimating the work.

When the React Native developers do not know these variations, they are able to estimate incorrect dates for project completion, resulting in hassle within the later stages.

Usage of stateless components

A stateless component implies that the constituents don’t extend any class. These always render exactly the same factor and print only what’s presented to them through props. Forms of known as as dumb components. But, stateless components could be implemented faster, reduce the quantity of boilerplate code to become written, and let easy testing. Within the application creation process, you should use pure components rather of stateless components. This really is so because, for stateless components, rendering happens following the re-rendering from the parent component. However for pure components, re-rendering happens whenever a change is detected in the usa or props.

Not verifying exterior module codes

React Native application developers generally use exterior modules because this helps make the development faster and simpler and therefore, time saving. However these modules might not act as expected or perhaps break at occasions. Hence, the developers must read and verify exterior module codes before with them.

Not thinking about unit testing

Probably the most common errors developers can commit throughout the React Native application development process isn’t writing one test. The apps can continue to function regardless of whether unit exams are conducted or otherwise, but such apps might not give a great experience towards the users and is less competent on the market. Unit testing enables assessing various parts and functionalities from the apps and be sure they act as expected. It may also help to identify bugs ahead of time and make certain the application segments run individually.

Final Words:

React Native can become “The Best” framework among all of the available frameworks on the market. It’s already getting used by big players like Facebook,, UberEats, Bloomberg, Skype, Instagram, Tesla, and much more. It’s some downsides too , but individuals could be minimized to some large degree if every React Native application development company trains its developers on diligently handling the most popular mistakes well ahead of time.

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